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Montessori Education

For the intensive phase in the month of June, we focus on the four core elements of study: Practical life, Sensorial, Math, and Language. With a week devoted to each curriculum area, we take a detailed look at the philosophy, lessons, and presentation of each subject. We examine the Montessori materials to gain an in-depth understanding of their purpose and the optimal time they should be presented to each child.

“Each session was eye-openning, but the personalized support form Paloma and Emma, our instructions really made a difference in my learning.” – Amirah june

Taught by Montessori experts
with over 65 years EXPERIENCE

Montessorita is committed to advancing the Montessori movement by providing adults with the tools and support they need to reach their fullest potential, deeply rooted in Montessori philosophy.

Montessorita is dedicated to creating a future where all children have access to high-quality Montessori classrooms led by trained and passionate Montessori teachers and supported by Montessori-inspired homes.

We believe in the power of Montessori to transform the future by providing children with opportunities to develop into the change makers they are. Together, we are creating a brighter future!


Paloma has been involved in Montessori for over 38 years and holds AMS Early Childhood and Elementary credentials. She has served on countless AMS committees and founded Monarch Bay Montessori Academy, an exemplary Montessori school serving children for 20 years.


Emma started her Montessori journey as an eight week old in a sling while Paloma taught – a true product of Montessori education! She later earned her Bachelor’s and Early Childhood Credential as well as a Masters in Leadership Development.

Meet Some Of Our Many

Mia Chen

Cedar Grove Montessori

Joining Cedar Grove Montessori was a dream come true, and I owe much of my success to the Montessori Teacher Academy. The program's rigorous training, especially in Montessori philosophy and classroom management. honed my ability to create engaging, child-centered learning experiences. The practicum phase was particularly valuable, allowing me to apply theory in real-world settings confidently.

Jordan Ellis

Sunrise Montessori School

The transition from student to teacher was seamless, thanks to the comprehensive education I received at the Montessori Teacher Academy. The detailed curriculum and supportive faculty ensured that I not only understood Montessori methods but could implement them effectively. By the time I joined Sunrise Montessori, I felt equipped with all the necessary tools to contribute meaningfully to my students' growth and development."

Rachel Kim

Little Explorers Montessori

The training at the Montessori Teacher Academy was transformative. Every class was structured to deepen our understanding of the Montessori approach and refine our practical skills. Now at Little Explorers Montessori, I utilize everything I learned, from managing classroom dynamics to engaging each child according to their individual learning needs. The academy's emphasis on practical life and sensorial activities has particularly enabled me to enhance my teaching strategies.

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"From day one, I felt part of a community committed to educational excellence. Highly recommend this program to anyone passionate about Montessori education." - Samantha K.
"After completing the program, I was hired by one of the top Montessori schools in our region. The comprehensive training made me a standout candidate." - Hannah M.
"From day one, I felt part of a community committed to educational excellence. Highly recommend this program to anyone passionate about Montessori education." - Samantha K.

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Flexible Schedule

Maximize your summer fun while advancing your career. Our Montessori Teacher Academy offers a summer intensive in June with classes from noon to 7 PM, allowing you to enjoy your mornings and weekends.

Continue with flexible virtual classes through the academic year, perfectly blending study with summer enjoyment and ongoing commitments.

Budget Friendly

Our program is designed to be financially accessible.
With a structured payment plan, modest fees for high-quality training, and available partial scholarships through the American Montessori Society, we ensure that financial challenges don’t hold you back from pursuing your teaching aspirations.

Other Benefits

Beyond certification, our program equips you with comprehensive classroom and leadership skills essential for your professional growth.

You’ll gain practical experience through a practicum in a Montessori school, supported by a nurturing environment that fosters both personal and educational development.

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